21 st Century Secrets to Effective PR: Tips and Best Practices for Gaining Media Exposure21 st Century Secrets to Effective PR: Tips and Best Practices for Gaining Media Exposure

"I wish this book had been available several years ago when I was teaching and mentoring young PR professionals. It is one of the best that I've read - covers everything that a good public relations practitioner needs to know (and then some!). A definite must-have for any student considering a career in public relations, current PR person, [or] small business owner."            Event Director of PR for Fortune 500 company


Best Practices in Influence Marketing (Strategic Communications, LLC, 2016)Best Practices in Influencer Marketing (Strategic Communications, LLC, 2016)

"A concise and well written overview of this in-demand aspect of digital marketing. Reading this book is a perfect way to quickly get up to speed on incorporating those practices into your influencer marketing activities.”
- Wax Marketing Blog


Direct Mail in the Digital AgeDirect Mail in the Digital Age(Self-Counsel Press, 2011)

“What’s really changed now that the digital marketplace has become so prevalent? The ability to further customize direct communications based on what marketers know about customers’ cross-channel interactions is making direct mail more relevant than ever.”
- Catalyst, Direct and Digital Marketing Agency



The Complete Idiot's Guide to Strategic PlanningThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Strategic Planning

“The Complete Idiot's Guide to Strategic Planning explains in easy-to-understand language how even the smallest business can use the power of strategic planning.”
- Safari Books Online



Human Resource Essentials (SHRM, 2010)Human Resource Essentials: Your Guide to Starting and Running the HR Function

“An outstanding addition to every HR practitioner's bookshelf! . . . Easily understood and readily adaptable...for solo HR practitioners, HR generalists, or managers interested in HR."
- Paul Falcone, Author



Employee Management for Small BusinessEmployee Management for Small Business (Self-Counsel Press, 2010)

“This book provides the tools and knowledge you need to develop and maintain an effective and workable human resources plan. Excellent checklists and forms found at the end of each chapter.”
- Canada Business


Managing Off-Site Staff for Small BusinessManaging Off-Site Staff for Small Business (Self-Counsel Press, 2010

“This book promises to be a valuable resource for small businesses and for those who would rather spend more time actually doing their work than traveling to and from the workplace.”
- North Shore News


The Essentials of Corporate Communications and Public RelationsThe Essentials of Corporate Communications and Public Relations (Harvard Business School Press/SHRM, 2006)

“…the focus the book gives to internal communications is very beneficial and that critical area will never diminish in importance - especially the role HR plays within it.”
- Jeffrey Swystum - Reviewer


Motivating Today’s EmployeesMotivating Today’s Employees (Self-Counsel Press, 2012)

“Motivating Today's Employees deals with the job satisfaction issue in detail. It offers a variety of methods to increase worker effectiveness.”
- Entrepreneur